Tim Hartley Wide Right - Vidal Sassoon Alumni
Vidal Sassoon Alumni preserves and promotes Art Directors/Creatives, Tinters and Permers who were and are by nature, intrinsic to the legend hairdresser Vidal Sassoon.
Vidal Sassoon, Vidal Sassoon Alumni,
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Tim Hartley Wide Right

im Hartley was first drawn to hairdressing because of his early love for music and fashion, and his naturally rebellious nature in the early 1970s. As part of the team at Vidal Sassoon his star quickly rose reaching the position of International Creative Director. In his 35 years with the company he covered every aspect of the business, from the salon floor to teaching and working on shows and shoots and worked closely with Vidal Sassoon himself.



Hyper Team


August 7, 2017


The Masters, Tim Hartley