Greek Goddess 1967 - Christopher Brooker - Vidal Sassoon Alumni
Vidal Sassoon Alumni preserves and promotes Art Directors/Creatives, Tinters and Permers who were and are by nature, intrinsic to the legend hairdresser Vidal Sassoon.
Vidal Sassoon, Vidal Sassoon Alumni,
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Greek Goddess 1967 – Christopher Brooker

Greek Goddess 1967 – Christopher Brooker
“This was my contribution to the “Greek Goddess it was the second time hair was cut, permed and left to dry naturally, the first was by Roger Thompson.” – Christopher Brooker

“Though again Roger Thompson deserves the accolade for the breakthrough of the perm and left to dry naturally – the genius of Roger in ’67 – MOMENTOUS!”

– Christopher Brooker


“This was the Greek Goddess. I’d had my appendix out just before the shoot for Paula Kent at Redken, so I sat with Roger Thompson and Annie Humphreys as I couldn’t do it myself. We worked all weekend to get the end result, after being inspired by curly hair we had seen in Harlem, New York. Roger cut the hair – it was one of his best haircuts – and Annie Humphrys permed it. It was the first time a perm and cut hadn’t been set. It appeared in The Mirror and got great coverage, then it appeared in American Vogue and everyone wanted it. It was an exciting time.” – Vidal Sassoon

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